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Witstock Service Programmes

Witstock offers an integrated set of service programmes that challenge our customers to make the most of their market opportunities. We help to deliver, and embed, successful change and welcome the opportunity to work on the co-development of business opportunities. These service programmes are adapted to meet each customer’s requirements and can be used individually or as parts of a programme of change.

witstock change and idea development


When the strategic direction has been set and/or new ideas developed Witstock supports its customers to deliver the necessary changes to their business structures and processes

Market Entry Support
Witstock uses its market connections and expertise to work out how best to enter new markets (either geographic or product) and ensure that this opportunity is de-risked and will make a lasting contribution to growth.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Witstock supports buy and sell-side parties in M&A activity. Understanding the key factors in the market that will add or detract from the value of a business and how to best position an asset is fundamental to realising full value.

witstock innovation and strategy consultant


Witstock challenges its customers “to think differently, to create new ideas and business opportunities and place them” in the context of “real-world” strategies

Innovation Programme
Witstock Innovation Programmes are designed to provide customers with the stimuli and tools to produce solid ideas that can be converted into tangible revenues.

Strategy Programme
The Strategy Programme supports Witstock customers as they set effective strategies.

Programme Shaping Service

Witstock’s Programme Shaping Service aims to ensure that delivering change is achieved in the most effective and efficient way and with a clear understanding of who needs to be involved and their value. The service includes:

  • Defining the change that is required and the critical success measures that must be achieved
  • Looking for quick routes to the desired outcome using Witstock’s market connections
  • Identifying key risks and mitigation approaches
  • Setting a financial plan for the change
  • Designing the high-level change plan and ensuring it has internal support
  • Identifying the need for and remit of external advisors to ensure the right help is procured for the right reasons
  • Executive support for the procurement of external advisors and other elements

Beyond shaping a programme, Witstock can can remain engaged to deliver;

  • Interim management
  • Programme mentoring as part of a steering board
  • Supplier management – especially of consulting service providers
  • “Quality control” on deliverables from internal and external suppliers