Beyond Advisory – Co-Development

Where it makes sense, Witstock’s skills, experience and network can be used to “co-develop” business opportunities with its customers to enhance the growth of a customer’s business, launch a new product line or enter a new market. This “management in-source” adds senior management expertise more quickly, and on more favourable terms , than recruiting employees and growing organically.

Service Model

Witstock Co-Development begins with a Discovery Step designed to understand the opportunity. This is followed by a mutual assessment of the growth potential and development of a way forward that supports the customer’s need for growth and reflects the value of Witstock’s contribution.

At the end of this phase our customer decides how best to proceed.

Markadis Ltd – a Witstock / Valitor Joint Venture
Working with Valitor h.f., Witstock launched Markadis ( in February 2015. A joint venture, Markadis was led initially by Witstock’s Adrian Cannon and brought a fresh approach to the acquiring market in the UK and Republic of Ireland.